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Dhoni Says He Wants No Pressure

Written by TCG Writer

Well yes you heard him right! The Indian team captain MS Dhoni clearly said that it is time to mitigate the pressure on the team, and off course himself, so that they can actually focus on the game. While most of the Indian and Pakistanis are quite enthusiastic and eagerly looking forward to the match tomorrow, it is just not that easy for the team captains and the teams themselves. India started from an opening match with Australia, in which the team India lost from the hosts. MS Dhoni held a conference before he last match, in which he was clearly asked if the upcoming India Pakistan match is just another match of the world cup 2015, or is it a potential calamity and quite threatening to the team. The captain actually answered fairly, saying “How much ever you keep saying about it being just like any other normal game, it is a bit different”. He further said “What we try is to keep that slight difference nominal, and try to play like we would against any other international team.”

Dhoni is however acting wise by keeping the pressure level down and not overawing the expectations. The captain clearly said “It is important to leave the past behind. If we would have not done so starting from the first Test (against Australia), I would have gone down under the table in the dressing room, there would have been so much pressure,” Dhoni said. “Already there is so much pressure, if you take additional pressure; it becomes very difficult to perform.”

It will be wrong to underestimate any team at this point. Both of the captains are trying hard to keep the pressure level down and maintain their focus on the game. While both the teams keep claiming that it is “just another match”, it is really obvious that they are trying to mitigate the pressure on their teams. However, it is clear that losing from “just another team” is one thing, while losing from “old foes”, ouch that might hurt!


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