Analysis: What is TEESRA ?

The test series between Pakistan and England have just started, but there is already too much of a media hype with controversies and engrossing statements which have made this series more interesting and thrilling than ever.
The “Teesra” which was originally invented by Saqlain Mushtaq of Pakistan and have been used in Indian Cricket League by him is one of the most twisting delivery which confuse the batsmen about the upcoming behaviour of the ball after touching the ground. In most cases we have found the batsmen to be expecting the ball to spin towards its conventional direction, but the ball unexpectedly comes straighter to him with some extra bounce and hence causing a lot of trouble even for a set batsman.

How to Deliver a Teesra:

If you are an off-spinner you would love to ball a Teesra and most of you would still be wondering the technique behind this magic delivery. Balling a Teesra is not a rocket science, hold the ball just the exact way an off-spinner hold it and instead of rolling your fingers over the ball while delivering it, just twist your hand so that the back side of your hand is pointing towards the batsman. It might cause pain in your hand after balling an over full of Teesra, that is why most bowlers barely use it.

Some Intersteing Facts:

Teesra is also known as Jalebi (Yes, sounds funny !).
Teesra was invented by Saqlain Mushtaq.
The first victim ever of Teesra was Russel Arnold.
Teesra is an Off-spin version of Zooter which is normally used by Leg spinners.
70% of victims are given out LBW.
Pakistan vs England series have always been full of issues, From the Mike Gatting to the famous Darrel Hair issue, then the spot fixing scandal which ended up with three Pakistan cricketers being sent to Jail, and now this series once again is a perfect example of an stimulating cricket contest. Lets hope a good cricket series ahead and wish Pakistan Cricket Team a very Good Luck.

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