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5 Most Rude Cricketers

The game of cricket involves emotion and a lots of mental attachment during a game. Not only fans around the world but the 11 players on ground of any team also feels very passionate and devoted to their team. Specially while representing their national teams, players sometimes loose their temper which results in any unpleasant incident which players themselves regrets as the time passes. Among all the cricketers alive today we are choosing 5 most rude players in the game who have most fights with the opponents during a cricket match.

5) Dwayne Bravo

The all-rounder from WestIndies who have performed well many times to drive his team out of trouble loves to taunt the opponents hence making them angry which sometimes help Bravo to earn a wicket as well. Bravo’s celebration after winning a match or taking a wicket are also sometimes considered unethical and proudy which brought his name under five most rude cricketers.

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